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The sad IR - infrared misery

@Caseda Yes. But the problem is that their database is far from complete and the device I have is not included. Nor do they seem to work fast on including devices you request.

I just wanted to move to Homey from smartthings because when i read the spec and especially the IR and RF 433 support I thought this would be a good deal. Also the reviews sounded really nice.
I couldn’t be more disapointed about what I bought I have to say.
Coming home I of course wanted to add my vidoe projector (Epson TW7000) and the screen (RF) to Homey. And of course this is not working at all. The Epson is not part of their DB and learning the commands does not work. And for RF, it’s the same.

I gave up Homey’s IR more or less right away. A good decision, it seems from this thread. I solved it by using Logitech’s Harmony hub and the Homey harmony app . Works fine.

Thanks for the suggestion Vierdank.
It’s always possible to buy additional stuff to get things running. But IMO is homey quite a bit overselling when they market both RF 433 and IR and none is really working for everything as they state.

I understand you are disappointed, but RF433 and IR are working just fine. I can manage all my KaKu and other 433 devices without problems (but to be honest i did do the antenna mod). Also, IR is working for the devices that are supported via an app. Just the learning part isn’t. So “none is working” is a bit overdone imo…

None of the devices I want to use at least work.
But still. It’s would really be basic to feks support at least Prontohex, if not learning. Most of the remotes have the hex code available.

And you didn’t check if your devices were supported before spending your money?

I do have more devices. Like a ring.com cmas (which by the way also does not work even if it has an app) and many z-wave products of course. But mainly bought it and wanted to switch from smartthings hub because of the ir and rf support as mentioned above. And yes was stupid enough to suppose that at least mainstream products like epson beamers would be supported.

Ring is (was) working fine until the last update. Maybe you should try the excellent search function of this community before fulminating on stuff that is already known for quite some time and in fact a bit of old news…

Sorry if you take it personal. But from a product which costs that money I would expect something else. How do you think you would react if you bought something and you need to find out that it was working until the last update. :slight_smile:
“already known for quite some time and in fact a bit of old news” So if it’s old news, why is it still there? And yes I have read that post. But fact is that it does not work. Can you agree on that?

No, i can’t. Sorry. You switched because you “thought this was a good deal”. You now just joined the community to complain about that. It seems you are not looking for any solution, you just want to explain that you’re thoughts were wrong. Alas, peanutbutter.

Look I’m happy that you are happy with the product. :slight_smile:
And if I’m not allowed to express my disapointment about the quality of a product I’m sorry about that. But it seems I’m not the only one being disapointed from what I can read in the threads. And yes please if you have a solution let me know.

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The “solutions” are already available on the forums. Do a search or complain at Athom or maybe you can get your money back?

There are a lot of people that come here only to complain about them thinking Homey would do this or that. Ir does work, 433mhz does work … only not as aspected or how we all wished it would. I do complain a lot about Athom and Homey but i try to be at use for the community as well.

This forum is a community forum…

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