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Tradfri Motion Sensor

The test version only works with v5 firmware (which as of yet is unreleased).

For the time being I use an Ikea outlet that is paired with the motion sensor. That works fine. The same idea as the bulb without the led, but out of the box;)

Yeah, nice solution :+1:t2: With the upcoming firmware v5 release, Homey should finally be able to support these devices directly.


So when is the Homey firmware v5 coming?

Nobody knows.

Anybody success adding Ikea Motion Sensor to Homey using IKEA Tradfri app?

Yep, without any issue, in v5 firmware (still experimental) and Ikea Test version (https://homey.app/en-us/app/com.ikea.tradfri/IKEA-Trådfri/test/)

Unfortunately does not work for me - I stop on “Press the pair button … and wait fo the LED to start blinking”. I pressed 4 times the pair button, LED started blinking and nothing happened :frowning:

Any advice?

Same for me, no devices can be added In this version.
I’ve tried a bulb e27
A sensor
And the remote
I’m on V5-34rc
zigbee still sucks big time… Luckely most of my devices are on z wave.

Same for me. The Motion Sensor doesn’t even add as a generic Zigbee device. I am however able to add a “tunable_white_bulb_e14”. So something is working… (On Homey v5.0.0-rc.34, Trådfri v1.8.4)

See the Aqara zigbee topic. Someone got a reaction from Athom support that tells him in this version (V5 rc34) there are problems adding Zigbee devices to Homey. Athom is working on it. Thats why V5 is still a beta, things can be unstable or not working…

Resetting the zigbee solved all my problems!!

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i get this error:’[incompatible_app_version]’

So are you running the experimental v5 firmware?

you mean the Homey version?

Yes. The test version of the IKEA app requires the experimental v5 firmware for Homey.

ok, thanks

it works for me. But it only switch the light on en never goes out?!

And you created a flow which turns off the device?

Btw there is an edit button, :wink: