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Transitions — Flexible time transitions



Nice Idea. I quess the same way as the light example. Instead of using the “zet helderheid” use the speaker volume


The app works perfect with volume aswell, here are my “sleep” and “awake” flows:


This is great!
Now, could you set an alarm as well the night before, which then triggers the ‘wake up flow’ the next morning? Say, I want to wake up on Mondays at 7 AM, but on Tuesdays on 8AM. Could I set an alarm of sorts on Sunday and Monday night?


Not sure what you mean @Pim_de_Vente, with homey you can set different alarms. And use the “alarm” card as a trigger. Why do you need a alarm for the evening before?

Reason why i use the “flow has started” for my wake up flow, is because i have 2 ways to trigger that flow, 1 is the alarm, and the other is pressing a z-wave button twice next to my bed, for when it’s weekend and i don’t use a alarm :slight_smile:


Well, I use my phone to set an alarm for the next day. But sometimes I like to wake up a bit earlier or later. So I’d like Homey to trigger the wake up routine based on my preferences the night before.

While I thought this was pretty complicated, Apple just released Siri Shortcuts, so I might be able to program a combined Siri-Homey flow with the new app.


Or you could just use the alarm from Homey? And trigger a flow based on that alarm.

If you find a solution with the Shortcuts app let us know :slight_smile:


Probably not directly applicable to iOS, but in Android I use the app Sleep as Android as alarm. This app has webhook integration with IFTTT. I use this to let IFTTT trigger flows in Homey.


Thanks for your work @robertklep

Sharing my Sonos Fade-in / Fade-out flows, based on the transitions app.

1.Trigger flow:

  • Flow being triggered and based on the volume level will trigger either the fade-in or fade-out flow

2.Fade in flow:

  • Start fade-in transition, with input: 0-0.1, 30s, 3s; volume level from 0 to 10% (0-0.1), in 30 seconds, 3 seconds per step

3.Fade out flow:

  • create a Better Logic variable (Sonos-Fade-out) to determine the transition duration based on the actual volume level (tag). I used 200x the volume level. ie. a volume level of 15% will use a transition duration of 30s.
  • Start a transition with input '# Set volume' tag - 0, 'Sonos-Fade-out's, 1s; start level the actual volume level of the Sonos speaker, and duration defined by the BL variable Sonos-Fade-out.

4.Actual updating of the Sonos volume level

  • Drag the # Value tag of the “Transition changed” trigger card over the slider of the “Set volume” action card

5.Stop playing once the transition is completed and volume level = 0

Flows 1-3 can also be combined into 1 flow, taking away the separate flow triggers. But in this case, I also trigger the same flow 2 and 3 from other flows (e.g. my wake-up flow triggered by the coffee machine)…

Add Sonos "fade to volume" instead of "set volume"
Change Sonos Set Volume to a value instead of a slider


thanks for this great app. Is it possible to change colors (like a lightning console) with this app? or can i use only numbers for the start and stop value?

all the best


Numbers only, I’m afraid. Not sure if you wouldn’t be able to transition a “hue” value for a light, though (mainly because I don’t have lights that can change color).


okay thanks for the information. :)))

all the best


has anyone tested “transition” with the firmware 2.0 from homey?


Yes, @TedTolboom has, and apparently, it’s working just fine :slight_smile:


oooh okay then could you help me again or @TedTolboom ? please.
i switched today to FW 2.0 and it works perfect, i only need to -reconfigure some flows again.
and, for example one flow wouldn’t use the transition tag, means i can’t add the tag to the “then part” of the flow and the device within.



What device is it, specifically?


its a device group (grouped with the app < group >) -> 3 hue lights


And what are you trying to set (which capability)?

I’m not on v2 myself, perhaps @Jamie can help here? The tag is likely a number tag, are those supposed to work?


i will use the dim function for the hue-lights.
i create 2 flows (works without problems with homey FW 1.5…)
and the 2nd flow is the problem, i can’t assign the given tag from the “changed transition” to the device.
i see only global tags for the device (i try grouped devices and single devices).

Hallo auf Deutsch


another tested this for me and have the same problem like me. he can’t use the local tags for insight the flow.
it would be very interessting how @TedTolboom made it working.


Same here, also on 2.0, can’t find the transitions tag…