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[Tutorial] Presence detection with bluetooth beacon

Haven’t set the tile on hide. How do i do that?

Well thats mentiond several times. And thats something you have to di in the tile apo on your phone.

Click on the tile then more option and hide

Thank you! I have tried to read the thread here but i didn’t find the info you just shared. Maybe my English is crap. Again thanks, I will try it when i get home

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I’ve got my 4 tiles in… Doesn’t work. No tile is recognised.

Lets then start with sharing wich tiles you have :wink:

And what you already tried to get them to work.

Only saying it does not work, its gonna be a lot of gambling for the ones who willing to help.

I stand corrected, Roy, you are right.
Bought 4x Tile Mate
Downloaded Beacon on my 2019 Homey
Adding Beacon; Beacon sees 4 BT devices (TV, MiBand and some other)
Rebooted Homey - same result
Added 1 tile to Tile-app… Successful or Tile works
All tiles beep ie have battery
Several reboots don’t work, delete-reinstall don’t work

Tile mate 2020? They don’t work with the app for now because they are not publicly discoverable.

Hi, that could be it… I’ll have a look.
Anyway to identify 2020? Or pre-2020 for that matter :-)?

Have 2020 version. Not working

Ready for some fun…or sarcasm?
Ok, I bought 4x Tile Mate 2020… around €65 orso… didn’t work after I posted here I found out. That’s the design of Tile 2020… too secure or something like that.
Well, shipping back (PostNL seems to have lost the package to make financials worst).
I bought “NRF51822 Bluetooth Module Wireless Beacon +KX022 Sensor For iBeacon Base Station” @aliexpress… 3 out of 4 seemed to work… same issue… registered, worked for 1/2 hour… gone… intermittent appear and disappear.
Wtf… why? So I thought: “Tile Mate 2018” is guaranteed so let’s get them… bought 8… 2 days ago they came in… Easy registration, seemed to work… OOOOO NNOOOONONONOOOONONONOOO
Again the same issue: intermittent appearing and disappearing. Another €120 down the drain…

So, that got me thinking: what’s the issue here? For the tiles it’s simple: tiles communicate with tiles. If you have more than 1 they update each other on their location. That’s the entire idea behind tiles: when we all have tiles, tiles update the tile-home on their location.
It’s not overly strange they don’t want to communicate with Homey unless you force them by pressing the “discover” button.

The real question is: WHAT BEACON CAN WE USE that keeps working?
More important: can’t we get some link between Homey and our mobile phones/laptops.

The entire idea behind beacons is to solve something that isn’t in the Homey App: when I’m home, I want Homey to know that I (or members of my family) am home. @Koktail isn’t it an idea to link to mobile phones instead of beacons. @Koktail what Beacon are you absolutely sure of works with 2, 4, 6 8 beacons?

in the meanwhile, I’ll keep looking for waterproof, long range beacon that actually keeps working :wink:


They do that only when they connected to your Phone.

So to be sure, after register the tiles on tile app (on your Phone) you did put them on HIDE in the tile(Phone) app???

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Hi @RoyWissenburg,
Initially, I had 4 not registered in Tile-app… that was the first thing that didn’t work.
Now, I added the 4 remaining Tiles to Homey and put them in the Tile-app… same issue. Homey only sees them for about 1/2 hour after you hide/unhide them.
Retested this and indeed… .same result.
Question stays: what actually works. How can I determine who’s in and who’s out. I maintain my original position: the phone is the BEST way. Combine BT (and WiFi) and you have a winner.

Long answer, but still not sure (could be me)you did put them on hide in the original tile app?

No problems here with using the tiles for home/away working 100%

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First of all, there is no long range beacon, the max stable distance is 15 meter with a Tile pro 2018.

The issues you experiance are strange. Have seen that behaviour when the BLE module on Homey or Homey core is to bussy. This happens mostly on non-Homey Pro’s and lot of apps. The BLE module on Homey is not known to the most stable implementation also.

Best way to detect presence is a combiation of options. Ble beacons/geo/wifi/sensors.

I would suggest you remove all beacons from all devices. Remove the Tile pro app. Pair one Tile pro 2018 to Homey. (Set tile in discovery mode once, because they get a new sigature sometimes) and play for that one for a while.

Verify that the beacon is in close range when ‘inside zone’.
Verify that the beacon is ‘outside/inside zone’ in de device its status and that it is not a flow that is incorrect or misconfigured.

If you have a repreducable bug please add a bug issue on github.

wifi doesn’t work anymore, as in, the app isn’t updated is it?

Geo is… battery wise, so intens… :S.
Ah well, I love the app, it works perfect for me and my …guest :wink:

First of all, to set the outline; it SHOULD work with a Tile-2018.
I have both Tile-types, 1 Pro 2020 en 2 Pro-2018’s (Urb). As described above, the 2020 does not work (yet) on Homey, but the 2018 version does. I’ll describe how I installed them, so you can try that, when you have deleted all Tiles to start over again.

  • First download Tile-app on your phone.
  • Register your 2018 Tile and adjust settings (name, ringtone etc if you wish).
  • Then delete Tile app from your phone.
  • Install beacon-app (from Leendert de Kok) in Homey.
  • Search for your fresh registered Tile 2018 and add it to Homey devices.
  • For testing-purposes make flow that notifies you in the timeline when the beacon is out of reach and when it comes in reach again. Now you’ll get a nice overview when a Tile starts “flippering” or when it’s out of reach of your homey when you leave the house, or gets back in view when you return home.

This works for me. The Tile suffers from some “flippering”, mostly 1 time during the night (no idea what causes this), but because of the combination flow with my doorsensors, it doesn’t create a false presence-status.

Please let us know if this solves your problem with the 2018-Tile and if not, please attach timeline with outages. If there’s some consistency, you maybe have an external factor causing you’re Tile2018 not to work as it should.


The “flikkering” looks like it comes from Homey core. Sometimes 1:100000 there is no discovery result.

Thats not an issue according to Athom. I’ve made a fix for that by counting the time that happens. But then the discovery sequence get cached for 5 minuten. So that meganism doesn’t anymore. An option to bypass that was not debateble by athom.

A reboot each night “solves” it

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How about tile 2020?
Is it ging to work in the near future?