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Get a notification when the washingmachine is ready

10 minutes for a drying program is way to short for drying something.
I think this is a refreshing program. The behavior of a normal drying program is way different.

To be able to help you, the values of a complete „normal“ drying cycle is needed (interval 5 seconds).

And to help fantross properly, it is also important to include the exact time when the machine will be ready. Because usually the machine continues to run in an anti wrinkle function.
My machine does that for almost an hour.

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Tried this, now testing. Thanks

Maybe silly question, but wouldn’t there be another flow during weekends for the price calculations as well? Or am I missing something (or doesn’t anybody do laundry during weekends but me :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s all there. :wink:

Haha, yeah i have seen that, but does that not state:

after 7:00 on a WEEKday = daytime price
after 23:00 (and before 7:00) on a WEEKday = nighttime price

I meant that during the weekend (from Friday 23:00 and Monday 7:00) you also pay the lower price, also during daytime

So Friday night at 2300 will be night time. That changes on Monday morning at 7 to daytime.
Since Saturday is not a weekday it will not change till Monday morning

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Ah damn, you are so right lol, thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks works great! Was able to make an exact copy and works reliable.

I do however receive false notifications once in a while (3 during this night). Any way to make the flows less sensitive? Could it be that the plug (neo zware) is too far from my homey resulting in connection loss and false positives?

Maybe you can try to change the values in flows? So if you have set lower then 100, make it 50 or so. Or before changing look first at Insight what the power does for minimum and maximum while starting and when the machine is ready.
Don’t know if this works…

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