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IOS Presence app (locative)

With locative u add fences in the phone app. The app will send a webhook to Homey to start a flow. This has nothing to do with owntracks or adding fences in Homey.

Hmmm wrong place i think, i will delete my messages. :sweat_smile:

Why doesn’t this flow work? And why is the flow grey (not active) tested flow it work tested url in locative ok hmmmm :thinking:

Shared Flow | Homey

Flow is grey because there is a need for some logic tags. It’s normal.
What exactly is not working?

It will not run the flow🤔 my garage door doesn’t open or lock.

And what does the url look like in Locative ?

logic/webhook/locative?tag=julusmoenhjem ?

Plz be aware of capitals!!
“Locative” in flow vs “locative” in url

Changed big letter to small letter in logic to small l​:+1::laughing:where in the url is locative shown?


In ur flow u check for “Locative” and in the url u make it “event” .
U have to make up ur mind and choose 1 of them in both.

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Ok I will see if this work tomorrow😊 thank you for your respond!


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Nope flow doesn’t work… Hmmm strange!

Plz show flows and url


The homey has static IP adress

Still same mistake as yesterday.
Url should be


After the webhook/ part comes the name of the event.
In my case the event name is “locative”.
In ur flows u check for the event name, locative in this case. But in the url u name the event “event”.
So that’s not good.

Omg​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy::woman_facepalming:thank you

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One thing is wrong… suddenly when om watching tv the Homey says the garadoor open​:flushed: julusmoenhome? Why? Now the clock is 22:00 the flow started to run… Without me moving?:thinking:

It’s have been working almost a week now but yesterday stopped working… any tip?

Lemme get my glass sphere, hold on…

Only thing I have changed is the meter of way from home 100 m to 550 m and webhook for my wife. When I test it in locative it runs the flow.

Then maybe try to set the range to 400 and try again?
If that’s the only thing u have changed then maybe play with the range a bit.